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The Transient Sessions

Dec 30, 2021

Promised Land is a song from the 2017 release "But I've Seen The Stars". I am not sure when I wrote this one exactly but it had to have fallen sometime between 2013 - 2015, which is now a long time ago and that ... blows my mind. With almost every song I write there are parallel narratives. The first being the story taken at face value. In this case, there is a man talking about a place called the promised land; a frictionless place of freedom and affirmation. In my music, as in life, there is always a spiritual parallel as well. The bridge between the two in this song is rather short given the choice of language ... Promised Land. But still, one needs to loosen the literal and allow the poetic waters to fill in the gaps to fully grasp the message of the song. In short, it's a song about Heaven. But in particular, a song about Heaven as it is perceived and pointed to by the everyday physical realities here on earth. In a world filled with grating confrontation and sorrow, our hearts long for fulfillment and peace. How we go about achieving that varies from person to person but that underlying reality is universal. This song is an individual's declaration that Heaven is real and their heart cannot rest until it has been attained.